Monday, October 30, 2006


A Day in the Life of a Summer Associate

I thought I'd document an average day of work when I was a summer associate.

8:00/9:00 am - I'd arrive and head to my desk and check my mail to see if either of my mentors, the summer program advisors, or a client had e-mailed me. I'd often go visit my senior mentor to give him an update as to where I was at on the files I was working on at the time. If I was about to finish working on a file, or had already finished, I would normally request more work, which there was always plenty of.

Up until lunch - I'd usually pick back up where I'd left of the day before, which was usually working on a patent application. Since some of these were incredibly detailed, it would often take me about a half hour to get back up to speed as to what I was working with.

Lunch - One of the perks of being a summer associate is being "wined and dined." We were usually taken out for very nice lunches by senior attorneys at least once a week. If we weren't being taken to lunch, a few of us would often go grab something quickly, and bring it back to the office and eat while we worked. Sometimes I would work through lunch and then take off a little early in the evening.

Lunch - 3:00 pm - I received quite a few research assignments from random attorneys throughout the summer. It was often hard to budget my time between working on patent applications for my mentor and working on important research for other attorneys. The reason it is difficult is all of the attorneys think their work is the most important thing you should be doing. I would usually budget half of the afternoon to work on any research that I had at the time.

3:00 pm - 5:00/6:00 pm - I would usually spend the last few hours of the day continuing to work on patent applications or office actions for my mentors. I would often spend about an hour with my junior mentor going over the progress I had made that day, and he would give me feedback, which I would then use in making changes, or preparing notes on the changes I should make the following day.

5:00/6:00 pm - ??? - Another perk of being "wined and dined" as a summer associate was often free dinners and events to go to. Some of the events included concerts, wine tasting, and a riverboat tour.

As you can see, a summer associate gets benefits beyond what a clerk or someone doing an externship would get - you get paid very well and you get to enjoy some nice perks. This is why these positions are more sought after and therefore more competitive/selective.

Mark your calendars for November 18th for UM vs. OSU - it should be an amazing game.


I'm looking for a student in this area of interest that is willing to join a small team. I have designed something that will benefit this country in so many ways. I wont say it is a "sure thing" because tomorrow isnt one for anyone. Have any interest?
Merry :-)
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