Friday, September 22, 2006


Busy Busy

Sorry I haven't been able to post in awhile - between law school and college football I have basically no time.

First off I want to congratulate the Michigan football team for the huge win at Notre Dame. I was in South Bend for our last two losses, and although I'm jealous I missed our first win there in a long time (1994 I believe), I'm extremely happy (I hate Notre Dame). We are now considered a legitimate national title contender. Just imagine if Michigan and Ohio State are undefeated playing at the Horeshoe at the end of the year ... wow.

Anyways, as much as I wish this was a sports blog, it's not, so back to school. School is kicking into gear right now, and the pace and difficulty have picked up a bit since the first two weeks. One of the important topics I want to point out that is essential to success in law school is OUTLINING.

The tricky part about law school is there are no graded assignments or projects throughout the year. Your grade is based on ONE final exam - basically, all your eggs are in one basket. It is very intimidating at first (and still is), but that's how it's done so you have to deal with it.

The key to succeeding on these exams is to keep a detailed outline going throughout the semester. Many students will be tempted to put off making an outline till the very end of the semester. Trust me - this doesn't work well (I know from experience). Usually, you will finish the outline, and then it will be time for the exam, and you will have no time to actually STUDY using it. On top of that, most of the older material that you are looking back to (trying to summarize) has been forgotten, and you will do a poor job of covering that material.

This is why you need to keep your outline updated throughout the semester. Some students will update it once or twice a week, but I've found that to be a bit too time consuming and stressful. I've found that once every two weeks works well. Personally, I update half of my outlines (half of my classes) each weekend, and then do the other half the next weekend, and repeat. I've found this works well, but to each his own.

Anwyays, that's one topic I feel is important to touch on for this considering law school.

Don't forget that I'm also a recently graduated Electrical Engineer. If anyone has any questions about Engineering - school, job hunting, internships, or working - please ask. If I can't answer them I will talk to my friends who are now working as engineers so I can answer your questions better.

I'm sure I will write some blogs about engineering in the future, but I just wanted to reiterate the point that I'm not just a law student.

GO BLUE! Beat Wisconsin!

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